Companies face many new and drastic challenges in the digital age. At the same time, such tasks are also associated with strong uncertainties (including Brexit, Corona pandemic, Ukraine war). Predictability and foreseeability of future issues and new events are diminishing. New things are emerging out of nowhere and causal relationships, such as digital transformation, are becoming increasingly unclear. Companies must be able to react faster and, above all, more flexibly to market changes. The desired progress must not become a step backwards. Previous target systems are too slow and cumbersome for this new era.

Objectives & Key Results (OKR) meets the requirements of a modern target system

Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

OKR is an agile and adaptive management framework. It connects the goals of the company with the goals of the teams and each individual employee for more transparency and focus.

Google, Oracle, Zalando and many other companies use OKR successfully. Even more: they attribute their success to it!

This is exactly where OKR comes into play and connects to the realities. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. The method is a collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable outcomes. OKRs are a framework for agile management of organizations. OKRs can be used to track progress, create alignment, and drive commitment to measurable goals. To learn more about the methodology, read our OKR series in our magazine (only in German).

Our offer:

  • Development of vision, mission, purpose for your company as a basis for OKR
  • Execution of OKR-Maturity-Check to determine the maturity level of your company
  • Individualized implementation of the OKR framework
  • Training of OKR coaches in your teams
  • Support and coaching during the introduction

Our consultants are certified OKR coaches and OKR trainers. We are therefore authorized to train certified OKR coaches in your company as well. We cooperate here with Workpath, among others.

As OKR experts we help you to introduce OKR as a profitable method in your company. For further information and our procedure model please contact us via our contact form.

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