Markus Blatt
Markus Blatt

Founder and Managing Partner
Diplom-Kaufmann (University of Mannheim)


Markus Blatt is founder and managing partner of neueBeratung GmbH. He has been working as a consultant for more than 15 years with a focus on implementation management and design of innovative products/services, especially new business models on the internet, via apps and cloud. He is editor and author of the Design Thinking standard work “Where’s the problem?”, speaker, blogger and guest author of various publications.

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Before founding neueBeratung GmbH, Markus Blatt was last Partner at TellSell Consulting GmbH (multiple award-winning hidden champion for business development & sales) from 2001 to 2012 and before that founder and GmbH managing director of a VC-funded e-commerce startup.

He completed his studies in business administration with a focus on marketing and organization at the University of Mannheim. In addition, he completed an Executive Education Program at the European Business School (ebs).

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