Innovation is more than just a word for us – it is our passion. At neueBeratung, it’s about actively shaping the future and fully exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence. With our in-depth experience in Design Thinking, we have already proven that we can drive change and progress. Now we are igniting the next stage and integrating AI into our services.

Innovation is deep in our DNA.

At neueBeratung, innovation is not just a phrase, it’s a way of life. Our focus is on finding new ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into solutions that delight our clients. We understand the importance of design thinking and consistently apply this concept to develop customized solutions with AI. Our approach combines the creative power of Design Thinking with the potentials of AI and strategic Business Model Design.

Among the TOP 10 in Germany for “Innovation & Growth ”

Our expertise in innovation and growth has put us among the TOP 10 in Germany. We shine in areas such as design thinking, personas & target groups, conception and prototyping. Our services are not only innovative, but also practical and customer-focused.

Awarded for (Digital) Transformation

Our excellence in (Digital) Transformation has led to numerous awards. Our excellence in (Digital) Transformation has led to numerous awards. Our expertise ranges from use cases and business models to strategic planning and optimizing profitability with Objectives & Key Results (OKR).

Now we complement this portfolio with Artificial Intelligence solutions

Our offer:

AI Trainings

  • Inhouse trainings with specific questions
  • For all: Open Enrollment Trainings based on specific use cases

AI Consulting

  • Exploration of target groups and their needs
  • Definition of use cases with a clear value proposition
  • Identification of process improvements
  • Business models with AI as well as business models for AI
  • Design thinking with AI

AI Strategy

  • AI guidelines for companies
  • AI strategy or digitalization strategy with AI
  • AI tool research and selection

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