The automotive industry is in a state of upheaval: New competitors from the IT environment are focusing on regenerative energies, new drive systems, the share economy and autonomous vehicle systems and can thus become a serious threat. At the same time, stagnating core markets and overcapacities pose challenges for marketing and sales. neueBeratung supports companies in the automotive industry in securing their core markets, developing new business models and optimizing sales and marketing activities. We sharpen customer understanding and develop innovative automotive products and services.


Banks and insurance companies operate in a dynamic, international market environment, are subject to strict regulations and have to keep their costs as low as possible. On the other hand, customers are demanding more and more individualized products. neueBeratung supports banks and insurance companies in developing efficient workflows and designing customer-oriented, innovative products and services.


The energy industry has to face challenges such as dynamic competition and energy policy rules and regulations. But customer needs, such as the demand for sustainable energy, must also be taken into account. neueBeratung enables new opportunities for the energy industry by developing new business models.


Growing competition, increasing price sensitivity of customers and strict licensing requirements are just some of the challenges facing pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, the healthcare sector has a special responsibility to payers, service providers and recipients. neueBeratung helps companies in the healthcare sector to remain competitive.


E-commerce promises significant growth rates, but the high speed of innovation often poses a barrier to market entry. One current challenge, for example, is the trend toward using mobile devices. Multi-channel approaches have also become indispensable in retail and must be further intensified. neueBeratung helps you to position yourself in this market and designs innovative and viable business models for the stationary and mobile Internet for your company.


Due to the long-lasting low interest rate policy and the resulting abundance of capital, the private equity industry is facing new challenges. We test the viability of business models for you by evaluating the benefits for clients and pointing out risks. Our reliable market analyses support you in your investment decision.


E-commerce and globalization have become major challenges in the postal and logistics industry. Rapidly growing markets and technological progress in logistics and administration will continue to determine the competition in the future. neueBeratung supports your company not only to keep up with the market and competition but to even be one step ahead.


The complexity and challenges of the telecommunications and media industry are constantly increasing. In addition to price pressure and stronger demand for sophisticated services, viable business models must be developed simultaneously and quickly. To ensure that telecommunications companies do not become mere providers of data highways and media providers do not become mere advertising platforms, intelligent solutions for monetization are required – and we would be happy to support you with this.


The changing society and digitalization also have an impact on association work. In order to bring real benefits to members, services need to be realigned. neueBeratung supports you with an internal and external analysis of the existing association structure so that you can set the right priorities for the future. In this way, you cannot only inspire existing members with new offers, but also attract new members.

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