We place particular emphasis on the sustainability of the business model of people we support. We want to make a contribution so that people who have a tangible business idea can build up a long-term existence. With the proceeds, they provide for their family and expand their business.

On occasion, we also provide advice and support with professional know-how.

Reading and writing
Basket with sewing utensils
small bakery in southeast asia


  • Expansion of local businesses, Patron San Sebastian de Cusco Group, Peru
  • Establishment of a car wash, Archil, Georgia
  • Expansion of an apiary, David, Bolivia
  • Expansion of a furniture rental business, Magda, Honduras
  • Expansion of a tailor shop, Adelfa, Philippines
  • Expansion of a market stall, Romli, Indonesia
  • Expansion of a hair salon, Carlos, El Salvador
  • Opening of a boutique, Kithi, Kenya
  • Expansion of a shoe store, Alwy Johan, Colombia

We wish them continued success and look forward to seeing how their businesses develop!