Portrait Lucas Willcke

I first came into contact with neueBeratung as part of a previous internship that I completed before my studies. During that time, I sat in the same office as some of the consultants from neueBeratung who used it as a project office. Fascinated by the way of working and the area of responsibility, I contacted one of the managing directors a year later with the question of whether the company was looking for interns. After I had sent my application to the company, I was invited to an interview and was allowed to start my work as an intern in August 2014. At the beginning of the internship, I studied business administration in the 3rd semester at the University of Cologne. Even when designing the course of my internship, the enormous flexibility and the way in which neueBeratung was managed was reflected. Due to my tight schedule at the university, I couldn’t work as an intern for three months at a time. I was therefore offered to split the internship into two attendance phases during the semester break and a transition phase during the semester in which I worked once a week.

Within the company, I support the project team by taking on sub-projects and preparing results and intermediate presentations. I also carry out market and competition analyzes and support the management in the acquisition of customer projects. Internally I maintain the knowledge management tool and the CRM database and help coordinate the company’s social media activities.

After my internship, neueBeratung offered me to continue working for the company as a working student, so that I have been working at the company one day a week since April 2015.

For me, the decision to go to neueBeratung was spot on. In a very friendly environment with short distances and flat hierarchies, you quickly receive constructive feedback and can work independently after a short training period. My colleagues integrated me very quickly and treated me as an equal employee. In addition, the company’s cooperative corporate philosophy allowed me to continue my studies unhindered, so that I can prove and develop myself professionally and personally in a real environment during my bachelor’s degree. In addition, the job has so far helped me to get to know my strengths and find out what I enjoy in everyday working life.


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