Timeline Design Thinking Lean Startup

Design Thinking

Design thinking is used to create real innovations. With its six-step process, the method deals iteratively with the customer, problem and solution. In addition, experience can be gained from each cycle, which can be directly exploited With our pragmatic approach, we help teams create user-centered solutions offering our expertise from many projects and industries.


For innovation & transformation of business models, we rely on the Business Model Canvas as a second step. This tool provides a quick overview over the dimensions of the business model, such as customers, activities, partners, etc. But with the BMC, the real work only begins: Using the various fields of the canvas, we now define the aspects of the business model in depth, create a business case and derive a concrete implementation plan.

Lean startup

By focusing on the truly value-adding elements of a business model, we work with your teams to develop products and solutions for your customers faster and in a more targeted manner. By creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we can test the new business model quickly and cost-effectively on the market. Our experience shows that even large, well-known companies can be successful with this approach if they give the teams enough freedom.